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Update on 121's & Group Sessions ⚽️

Some better news for kids football yesterday. 

We've got some updates on everything from 121's to group sessions.

If you'd prefer not to read it all then just watch the video below.

The FA have said children’s 121 coaching and small group sessions can now start again.

These are subject to strict social distancing rules and there is absolutely no contact allowed between players and coaches.

What this means for Foot-Tech:

121 Sessions

121 sessions are now available and we’ll send the booking details out later this week.

It goes without saying everything will be put in place from a safety point of view.

These sessions lend themselves well to the guidelines and we’ve done them for 6 years, so we know how we might need to adapt them.

Group Sessions

Our venues remain closed.

Roundhay Park is open to the public but not for commercial group sports sessions (like us).

This is until at least the end of June and we await further updates from the council.

John Smeaton is completely closed BUT they have contacted us to say there is a small chance we could be allowed on the astro mid-late June.

The is subject to a strict risk assessment that we need to put together and they need to be certain that we can meet all the governments guidelines.

We’ll update our members when we know more on this. It may be taken out of our hands until the venues officially open again.

Child Safeguarding/Welfare

As pleased as we are about the news (especially getting our 121’s back up and running) there is still a lot for us as coaches and you are parents to consider for the group stuff.

The group sessions would need to be 5 players to 1 coach with no contact.

This means matches, 1v1’s, tackling, partner games etc are all an absolute no-go.

Essentially, a lot of the enjoyable stuff is still not allowed.

It is great to possibly get them out again but the group stuff will be very different to what they are used to.

Enjoyment-wise we all have to consider - how much are they going to enjoy not being able to move into certain areas, not playing matches and having that freedom that football normally brings.

Safety-wise, there will be the risk of children simply forgetting the rules, running close to their friends and all sorts of other things.

We have a lot of socially-distanced content planned and ready to go but we won’t rush things at the risk of the children’s enjoyment or safety.

June’s Plan

For now we will carry on with providing an online service to our paying members.

And we have an exciting thing coming your way.

As well as our weekly Zoom and Facebook/YouTube sessions we will also be releasing a brand new training website.

Your child will be able to log on and go through all sorts of skills videos, speed & fitness challenges and all sorts of other things.

This has been in the pipeline for ages but we’ve rushed it through for lockdown.

For June we have put together a 4 week programme for them to go through that will keep their football and fitness high and give them chance to win prizes.

For non-members and members who have paused their subscriptions…

You will also be sent the info and have chance to sign up for it.

Keep an eye on your emails for this and also how to book the 121’s and please just reply to this email with any questions.

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon

Luke & Nick

Foot-Tech Academy

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