• Luke Towning

Every Winner Was Once A Beginner

Love this quote we saw recently.

What a great phrase to use if your child is feeling down about not being good at something or is losing their confidence in certain activities.

It is also a good reminder for us parents to let our children actually BE beginners.

Things have changed a lot for parents in the last 5-10 years.

Social media means we now only see the very best of what other parents are doing or what their children are achieving.

It is easy to then place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and our children.

We try to rush them through the beginner phase or, worse still, constantly chase the next hobby/activity for them in hope they magically excel at it.

We have said before how hard it can be to see your child struggle at something or compare them to children who are improving faster.

You simply have to let go and control what you can control such as:

- Giving lots of praise when they do something well - Encouraging them if they start losing interest - Helping them at home with certain activities

They may not go on to be a world champion with 100's of trophies.

But they will go on to develop character, resilience and confidence.

In our eyes that's what a real winner has.

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