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Beckham's Mum Reveals the Secret to His Success

⚽️ Beckham’s Mum Reveals the Secret to His Football Success ⚽️

‘I was amazed how devoted he was. He would start when he got back from school and continue until his Dad got back from work.

Then they would go down to the park and practise some more’.

This is a story from Sandra, David Beckham’s mum, about how she used to watch him in the garden doing keepy-ups.

When he was 7 he could only do 3 keepy-ups.

After 6 months he could do 50.

6 months after that he reached 200.

By the time he was 9 he could do over 2000 🤩

Now, we’re not saying keepy-ups were the ONLY reason Beckham went on to be an amazing footballer.

But, this one little thing gave him a target to aim for each time he picked up a ball.

It gave him motivation which then built up an incredible work ethic that he used to get better and better and better.

The more touches you have of the ball, the better you get.

Why are keepy-ups so good?

Years ago, you’d see that kids could do loads of keepy-ups because we spent so much time with a ball at our feet playing outside.

Nowadays, keepy-ups don’t seem to be used as much as they should.

They develop so many key skills:

First touch ✅ Coordination ✅ Balance ✅ Aerial control ✅

We try to add them into our sessions as much as possible because you get so much development from such a simple thing.

What can you do as a parent?

Children will say, ‘I can’t do them – they’re too hard’.

That is where you come in with a challenge!

Build some motivation by telling them they will get a prize/extra dessert/trip out (whatever you think) once they get to 10, 20, 30 keepy-ups.

It won’t be long before they forget about the prizes and it just becomes about them competing against themselves to beat their record.

If they get down about not being able to do loads at the beginning just remind them that David Beckham could only do 3 when he was 7.

The video we’ve made is a great place to start for those who need help.

For more experienced players – start using both feet, use the insides and outsides of your feet and try some combo’s (knee-kick, chest-kick etc).

More touches of the ball is the first step to improving. Keepy-ups are a great way of getting in those extra touches in a fun way.

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