• Luke Towning

Ball Mastery Training ready to go

Excited to get our Ball Mastery coaches training completed 🙌

Nick has spent ages putting this awesome training together which will only be available to Foot-Tech coaches.

What is ball mastery?

Short answer - it is being able to control the ball in many ways.

For young children, an improvement in ball mastery (learning individual skills, dribbling the ball better etc) will have a massively positive impact on their confidence.

This helps improve their enjoyment and therefore their participation in football.

Ball mastery is a huge part of our curriculum because of how much it helps beginner and experienced players.

But we are big believers in continuous improvement and making sure we adapt things when we know there are better ways/techniques.

This new training is giving our coaches some fresh ideas and hammering home some of the key basics.

Always learning 🤓

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