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An Important Home-Schooling Tip for Parents

Home-schooling parents might need to hear this today…

Looking at some of the questions kids have to answer these days makes us wonder if we’d have even made it out of Primary School!

For a lot of people this has been the hardest lockdown yet.

A big part of the stress for some parents has come from home schooling.

We want you to give yourselves a break.

You’re doing your best given the circumstances and can’t call on years of formal teaching experience to help you through it.

The quote above will hopefully give you some satisfaction.

It’s around something we try to do with our coaching - let the players make mistakes.

Sounds strange but this can be the best way to help children learn.

And it doesn’t just apply to football.

As coaches (and parents) we want that instant buzz of seeing our kids get the right answer straight away.

We can be tempted to show them or tell them without letting them make mistakes.

Some parents may be stressing right now because their child isn’t getting something.

Don’t worry - they learn more from the process of working things out than they do from being shown everything all the time.

Think back to driving lessons.

We learnt more by actually driving the car and making mistakes along the way than we would have if the instructor had just driven us around showing us what to do.

And I definitely learnt a lot one time when the instructor slammed on the breaks to avoid a 6 car pile up…but that’s another story!

So, the next time you’re worried that your child isn’t getting something just trust the process and know that you are doing your best.

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