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Are you nurturing a Champion?

Are you nurturing a champion?

I’ve recently finished a book about the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

It focuses on their core values and how they’ve managed to stay on top of their sport for years (apart from when the mighty England came to play haha!).

It’s as much a book about life as it is about sport and there are so many great lessons in there.

One of their motto’s is ‘Champions Do Extra’.

This struck a chord at Foot-Tech HQ.

A ‘Champion’ in this sense isn’t just a sporting champion; it can apply to school, arts or even learning an instrument.

You ask any Foot-Tech coach to name the ‘champions’ at our sessions and they’ll point out the children who do more, train more and are generally good people.

They are the ones who always try hard.

They don't moan if they get beat - they work out what to do better next time.

They listen to their coaches and practise what they learn.

They have a mindset that means they will likely go onto to achieve good things in life because they have a strong work ethic and that is the one thing that wins in the long-run.

One of our former players highlights this motto perfectly.

Jasmine recently left us after 3 years to join Leeds United. An amazing achievement. But it was no accident.

She always had a ball at her feet, she came early and stayed late at training and she never gave up when she faced challenges.

It was her birthday last month and what did she ask for?

A 121-football coaching session with us so she could work on a particular area of her game…champions do extra.

As a parent you can help grow this champion mindset in anything they do:

  • Encourage your child to do 10 extra maths questions when they finish their homework

  • Ask them to train for 10 minutes extra after a session

  • Read just 1 more page of that book

  • Play the guitar for just 5 more minutes

  • Get them to do an extra 10 keepy-ups

After a while this extra work becomes normality and then they add to it even more as time goes on.

Of course, a few bribes might be needed in the short-term(!) but it’ll be worth it.

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