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Happy Anniversary Craig!

Coach Craig is stealing all the limelight at the minute...

Today marks 3 years since he joined Foot-Tech 🙌

He’s become a massive part of our team and we’ve loved helping him develop as a coach.

There’s sometimes an unwritten rule that the best coaches work with the oldest age groups.

We think it should actually be the reverse of that. We’re just glad ALL of our coaches are amazing regardless of age group ☺️

More importantly, it should be a certain TYPE of person who coaches the youngest players.


Because that coach shapes a child’s opinion of football and, based on what experience the child has, that coach has a big hand in whether they decide to carry on playing.

The 4-6 age range It’s also a key age for talent development.

If they are given quality coaching at this age then it really is exciting to see how good they get.

Craig is not only an awesome coach but he also makes his sessions so much fun for the players and it’s no surprise that 1 or 2 have recently have had trials at various pro clubs.

Thanks for all you do, Craig. Look forward to next 3 years 👍

We’re proud so many of our coaches stay with us for so long 👊

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