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Parents with children doing SATs...

During some of our coach reviews recently we’ve been discussing how some of the players haven’t seemed themselves in the last few weeks. What they all have in common is that they are in Year 6 and things are now being ramped up in the run-up to SATs. It’s known that kids these days are more stressed and the SATs obviously add to this. With half-term this week it’s a perfect chance for them to relax and do some fun things. It’s important they are given chance to do something other than homework. It’s argued that the SATs are more for judging schools than anything else but they still need to be done and we certainly aren’t saying they should be disregarded. What we do say is that it’s important that your child knows their world will not end if they don’t get good results. They should be encouraged to work hard on them - a strong worth ethic will help them now and in the future. But they shouldn’t be judged too heavily on the results of one set of tests. Einstein once said ‘everyone is a genius...but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid’. Your child might be a future sports star, actress, artist or musician. Their ‘genius’ might not be evident in a set of test results. Have you ever heard a truly successful person mention their school results as a reason for their success? They normally speak about hard work, determination, resilience and confidence. All those things can be instilled in your child if you encourage them to focus on their effort as opposed to the result. Praise their effort and they’ll keep trying. There is a great book called Mindset which goes into more detail on this but praising their effort means they associate the work they put in with positive outcomes as opposed to simply the end result. Their SATs might go well or might not but if you know they’ve worked hard on them then that is what should be praised. As they get older they’ll be better equipped to deal with failures and will build a strong work ethic. Give them a hug and tell them it’ll all be alright either way. Keep them active, let them have fun and don’t put any more pressure on them. They get enough of that already. 

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