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Foot-Tech Academy helps create Leeds United’s next female superstar

It's International Women's Day! So at Foot-Tech Academy, we're celebrating pupil, Jasmine Bonnelle’s signing at Leeds United Football Club.

Jasmine spent three years with us before being signed by Leeds United Football Club in August 2018.

Jasmine now plays for Leeds United’s Regional Talent Club on a one-year contract. The club focusses on identifying talented female footballers in Leeds and enhancing their technical abilities. The club’s programme works closely with the England International team and players undergo regular scouting opportunities.

Jasmine Bonnelle commented:

“My mum signed me up for a 6-week football course when I was in reception. We played matches and were shown different football skills. I really enjoyed it. It was so much fun. The coach was really impressed with how well I did and rewarded me with tickets to watch a Leeds United match. This is how my love for football started.”

“after that I quickly joined Foot-Tech Academy but I didn't know much about football. The coaches taught me a lot of skills and different style of play. Foot-Tech made me the footballer I am now. They encouraged and supported me all the way and also gave me some really good advice when I went for the Leeds United trials.

“My plans for the future are to play professional football and one day play for England. I will need to keeping working hard and keep learning. Football is my passion and I will continue playing as long as I can.”

Co-founder of Foot-Tech, Luke Towning added:

“Jasmine was just six years old when she joined us at Foot-Tech. We noticed instantly that she had a natural ability with the ball and we were keen to nurture this in any way we could. We are incredibly excited for her and the opportunities Leeds United will give her and can’t wait to hear about where her football journey takes her. We wish her all the luck in the world and are so pleased to have contributed to her football career”.

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