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The Best Picture from 2018

Think this could be our best photo from 2018 Why? Because this is what being a kid is all about. Playing outside, getting muddy, rain or shine. Times have changed massively and you see less and less children outside playing sport. There are many reasons for this - too many to list right now - but we are so grateful for the parents at Foot-Tech. They understand that kids need time outdoors. They know that playing in cold weather DOES NOT mean their children will catch a cold. They don’t faint if their child falls over and gets mud on their knees. They appreciate football is a winter we need to train in the winter. They know their child won’t melt if they train in the rain. They are willing to risk frost bite whilst watching their child play some footie. It’s January, winter is here...and weekend Foot-Tech football is back tomorrow. So, football mums and football dads...wrap up, get the flasks out and let’s do this. We thank you all for generally just being awesome and can’t wait to welcome you back this weekend

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