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Winter Sport = Better Wellbeing for your Child

So, I’m just sat planning my football coaching sessions for the weekend looking outside the window - it’s cold wet and windy. Summer is firmly behind us and we are already getting the emails and calls from new parents asking do we train through the winter or what do we do if it’s raining.

We say the same thing every time - if it’s raining..WE’RE STILL TRAINING! The reason for that is that we live in England where for three quarters of the time it’s either cold, wet or windy! What we have found from coaching football to children in Leeds for over four years is that the winter can actually be used to promote their well-being. There is a misconception that if children are out in the cold it will be bad for their health. If that was the case the health system in Russia would be crippled! There are so many benefits to playing sport outdoors through the winter and we’ve listed a few below. Resilience Once they get to the training session and start running around they are warm in minutes. They start to realise that it actually isn’t that bad and this really does build up their resilience. This is a great thing to instill at an early age for when they encounter harder challenges later in life. Confidence There is huge sense of achievement from children who battle the elements and have a successful football training session. Sure, it was cold but they scored a few goals, did some great new skills and might even finish at the end with a certificate. It was horrible outside but they still did really well and you’d be surprised just how much this impacts their overall confidence. Fitness There are the obvious fitness benefits that training outdoors through the winter brings. Our children spend too much time indoors and in-front of a screen. Keeping them inside in winter further decreases the amount of chance they have to keep active. Kids simply don’t move as much as we did when we were their age and it is a massive problem in the UK. By getting them outside in the winter months they are able to stay fit and move more all year round.

TOP TIPS 1. Pick the right session We know that sometimes your children will be kicking and screaming saying they don’t want to go when they see it is cold and wet outside. This is where it is important that they are going to the right session where they are moving a lot with minimal stoppages.

They will soon forget about the cold if the session is coached properly where the kids are constantly moving. 2. Don’t make it a habit We know there will always be those times when you wake up and think: ‘I’m not standing outside in that today.’ We get it and everyone deserves those one or two occasions when they just decide to stay in where it’s warm under the covers watching telly. Just don’t make it a habit. The more you do it the more your child will think it is okay so maybe save it for those times when it is absolutely disastrous outside! For more advice on what you can do to keep your child active through winter please click here

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