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Following the growing interest in our 121 speed coaching sessions we are pleased to say we will be launching group speed training in early 2018.

Only 30 places available so book now to avoid missing out

Who is it for? Any parent who wants to help their child become faster, move better and improve overall fitness, ultimately giving your child an athletic advantage. The sessions will develop explosive speed, agility, balance, coordination and reaction time. Your child will feel the difference when playing any sport and will also get the benefit of improved health, well-being and concentration levels that come with physical excerise. They'll be using the lastest equipment including speed hurdles, fast-feet ladders, reaction balls and sprint belts. Who is it not for? Anyone who thinks their child will become Usain Bolt after one session! Speed is like any skill - it needs to be trained and developed over the longer-term, this is why we are offering the weekly sessions. When/Where

  • Starting 6th Feb 2018

  • Every Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Allerton Grange High School, Moortown, LS17 6SF (indoor)

The coaches

Several Foot-Tech coaches have been busy qualifying as SAQ Trainers (speed, agility, quickness) and they will guide your child through these amazing drills in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. Pricing

  • First session free

  • Monthly cost of £32.00 for 4 sessions (sibling discount available)

  • Cancel anytime

How do I book a FREE taster session? Simply email us at and we'll get straight back to you.

This training really works and it is such an exciting addition to our football sessions. We don't know anywhere else offering this kind of coaching and genuinely believe it will mean our members get the extra edge in a sporting context.

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