• Luke Towning

Speed Coaching Coming Soon...

It's taken almost a year of learning, reading, planning, more reading, doing and even more reading but we are excited to say we are finally qualified to offer speed and movement coaching!

The SAQ Advanced Trainer qualification has been completed and we will be working over the coming weeks to plan our new specialist speed coaching courses that will be available very soon.

What is SAQ?

In short, it is a progressive system aimed at developing motor abilities, balance and coordination. Players become faster and better able to control their movement.

Speed is becoming more and more important in football and a lot of other sports - there's a need for speed (couldn't resist!).

We recognised we could help our players so undertook the course to gain the knowledge we needed.

We'll be adding SAQ into our group sessions alongside the bespoke 121 speed coaching courses.

BIG thank you to Louis who has worked hard for over 2 months as our 'test subject'.

The good news? He broke his 10m and 30m sprint times.

Check his SAQ work in the video for a snapshot of the training your player could receive.

Want to know more or register your interest in the speed coaching courses? Email us at

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