• Luke Towning

England U20 Win the World Cup!

England win the World Cup...words we thought we'd never hear!

OK, it wasn't the 1st team but, nonetheless, what an achievement by the young squad. This has come after England retained the Toulon Tournament crown after also winning that particular trophy in 2016.

So is this pointing to signs that the youth coaching changes made by The FA are starting to yield results?

It is too soon to say but it is very encouraging. Many (including myself) will argue that more still needs to be done at grassroots level in terms of investment and support to junior teams, but lets hope that positive results like this will only make The FA more determined to make an impact.

A successful tournament for the 'Young Lions' but I feel the only way they, and The FA's initiatives, can only really be classed as a success will be if those players now go on to break into the Premier League.

Fingers crossed for them all. We need more English players playing regular top level football if ever want to see the senior squad lift a World Cup trophy.

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