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Foot-Tech Hits 100 Members

Can’t really believe we are saying this but this week we signed up our 100th Foot-Tech member!

It is a big milestone for us and one we are very proud of. We just wanted to say thank you.

We set out with the goal of giving youth footballers the added practice they need to quickly improve. It was/is a completely different football training experience and we were so pleased with the development of each and every player that attended.

It soon evolved to a lot more than simply football training. We saw that we could use football to do a lot of good in other areas – increase a child’s confidence, help children make new friends, keep kids active and healthy and, generally, use football to have some fun regardless of ability level.

The interest in what we do is incredible and we are so grateful to each and every player and parent that is with us, or who has been with us in the past. Thank you so much.

The biggest thanks needs to go to our coaches. Our guys are amazing and they have played the biggest part in us growing to this level. Come rain or shine they show up and put on some of the most innovative and interesting sessions you’ll see. Their encouraging and welcoming approach is what sets them apart and we are proud to call them our team.

We’ve got SO much more planned and we hope everyone sticks around for the exciting journey!

Nick & Luke

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