• Luke Towning

Speed Training for Junior Footballers

Speed and agility is becoming increasingly important in modern football.

Gone are the days of the 'big, slow centre half' - we are now seeing fast players in every position.

It was thought that speed is simply genetic. In some cases a player can benefit from good genes and be 'naturally' fast but it is now known that speed can be developed; particularly when a player is still at a junior level.

Our knowledge at Foot-Tech extends so far so, in order to increase our understanding and develop the speed of our players, we'll be completing the SAQ iDiploma.

SAQ International are one of the worlds best in speed, agility and quickness training. On completion of the iDiploma we'll become an SAQ Advanced Trainer and have the full knowledge required to help our players move better and faster. It'll help not only in football but in general day to day movement.

We'll be adding specifically tailored speed practices to our football sessions as a new addition to our 2017 curriculum.

Our players will also have the chance to book speed 121 training.

More info will be sent out towards the end of the year but feel free to get in touch beforehand.

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