November 13, 2019

Are you nurturing a champion? 

I’ve recently finished a book about the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

It focuses on their core values and how they’ve managed to stay on top of their sport for years (apart from when the mighty England came to play haha!).

It’s as much...

October 11, 2019

‘I just want them to become more confident’

…is quite possibly the thing we hear most from parents when talking to us about what they want for their child when they bring them to our sessions.

We’ve seen first-hand what confidence can do for the physical and mental well-...

September 24, 2019

That sinking feeling is awful.

You’ve been told by a teacher/coach that your child needs to move DOWN.


What’s wrong with them?

How will they take it?

Don’t panic. It isn’t always a bad thing and can actually be better for them.

Short-Term Pain/Long-Term Gain

The ‘pain’ c...

September 9, 2019

Choosing the right team for your child can make or break their love for football.

You may be at the stage where your child wants to join their first football team or perhaps you want to move to a new club.

The following tip will help make sure you have the best chance ch...

July 11, 2019

This is Isla at her presentation evening recently with a trophy for Most Improved Player and 2nd Top Goal Scorer.

But back to Isla shortly...

We’ve learnt a lot in the last 4 weeks.

The amazing effort of the England Women’s team at the World Cup coincided with us off...

March 17, 2019

Are you a joy-stick parent?

Question – do you tell your child the answers to their school homework?

Probably not. 

Why, then, do so many parents try to give their children the answers on the football pitch?

Screams of ‘pass’, ‘shoot’, ‘move there’, ‘find space’ are just a...

February 4, 2019

The 4th February 2019 marks the beginning of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is something that we’re incredibly passionate about at Foot-Tech Academy. For this reason, we’ve put together some of the ways in which football ca...

November 1, 2018

Parents, hands up who is sick of Fortnight?

I just don’t get it.

Drive past our weekend football coaching sessions in Leeds and you’ll see 100’s of kids ‘flossing’ (in-between learning some awesome new football skills of course!).

Even worse, how about the YouTube videos...

September 26, 2018

So, I’m just sat planning my football coaching sessions for the weekend looking outside the window - it’s cold wet and windy.

Summer is firmly behind us and we are already getting the emails and calls from new parents asking do we train through the winter or what do w...

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September 9, 2019

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