One To One Coaching

















One to one football coaching is the perfect solution for any player who wants to take their game to the next level or simply gain a boost in confidence. 


Our tailored 121 training programme has been used by 100's of players in Leeds to help them improve on areas such as:


Speed & Agility

Shooting skills

Ball mastery

Using both feet

Position specific work 

Your player will be using the latest equipment and football training concepts in order to maximise their development across key areas that they need to improve.

Each 45 minute session is completely tailored to your player and what they need.

Want to be able to use both feet? No problem - our ball mastery practices are ideal.

How about becoming faster? We'll shave seconds off your sprint time.

Just want a little pre-season work out? We will have you ready for that first match.

Whatever it is your player requires our coaches are on hand to help and will ensure an enjoyable experience for your child.

The sessions are for players of any age whether beginner or academy level footballers.


Choose a single session or a block of 4 where we put in place a progressive football development plan completely centered around what your player needs.